We love music, but we also love film.

From growing up watching Indiana run away from giant boulders, The Magnificent Seven riding in to save the day, Luke duelling Darth Vader for the fate of the galaxy, The Goonies finding hidden pirate treasure and the Godfather making us offers we simply can’t refuse.

That love of film has moved us from the couch onto the set, now trying to conjure up some movie magic of our own.

Music Videos, Short Films, Commercials, Documentaries and TV Pilots

Lostsong Productions has you covered.

Before The Sun (Official Music Video)

‘The John Lennon’esque piano/ symphonic epic ‘ – CCM MAGAZINE Staff

Under The Milky Way – Official VIDEO Extended Deluxe Mix Single release

First single release from the  self-titled album LSP (Lostsong Project).  For lovers of physical merchandise and vinyl, order the album at www.lostsong.com,  or download a full 7 minute Extended Deluxe version of ‘Under The Milky Way’ from iTunes.  Described as “re-interpreting the timeless classic with a multi layered cinematic soundscape”.

UP and Coming Short Film ‘REACTIONS’ Currently in Festivals Written & Directed By Hayden Mustica

REACTIONS is a film written and directed by Hayden Mustica. Starring Charlie Mycroft, Christian Taylor, Karlis Zaid and Danielle Talbot.