Lostsong Project is a collaboration of like-minded individuals in persuit of the illusive original “Lost song”

LSP is the vehicle to take us there

As Teenagers both playing in bands in country Victoria, Chris and Sean had a passion for music. Meeting and  forming a band together ‘gave us the opportunity to perform original music with regular gigs’. After success  locally, and two EP’s, priorities changed to family and business. Over the years Chris and Sean have remained  good mates, and it was inevitable that one day the music would be revisited.

We thank you for checking out the tunes,
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Before The Sun (Official Music Video)

‘The John Lennon’esque piano/ symphonic epic ‘ – CCM MAGAZINE Staff

Under The Milky Way – Official VIDEO Extended Deluxe Mix Single release

First single release from the  self-titled album LSP (Lostsong Project).  For lovers of physical merchandise and vinyl, order the album at www.lostsong.com,  or download a full 7 minute Extended Deluxe version of ‘Under The Milky Way’ from iTunes.  Described as “re-interpreting the timeless classic with a multi layered cinematic soundscape”.