the delirious titleDelirious Standing

Four long-haired Yahoo!’s (not sponsored by Yahoo!) came together in hopes to write music so sweet, it could make grown men cry. The Delirious have been playing together since 2016 in their local town of Cobram, Victoria, and the surrounding areas, including comps, smelly pubs and even making three hour trips to Melbourne for festivals.

Although they are yet to make a grown man cry, they recently finished recording their debut self titled EP in 2018 and released the first single off it titled ‘Our Modern Kind’ which tells the tale of their youth in Cobram.
The four lads are excited for what’s to come and very much appreciative all of the support they’ve gotten thus far.


In 2017 The Delirious have won awards such as Kool Skools best rock track 2 years Running (2016-2017) 

Our Modern Kind

“It’s alright this song” – Isaiah Mustica  

All This Time

EP out in 2018 – The second single from the forthcoming EP

Back To You

EP out in 2018 – From the forthcoming EP