We have always loved discovering new songs across all types of genres.  Uncovering vinyl treasures at a very young age, laying in front of the speakers, eyes closed, drifting through the sound waves of The Beatles, Elvis, Neil Diamond, Johnny Cash, and then the album concepts of Queens ‘A Night at the Opera’ or Pink Floyds ‘The Wall’.

Pop, Rock, Soul, Rap, Swing, Metal and the their sub genres. Guitar Heroes from Knopfler to Van Halen, Glam, Punk, New Wave, Hip Hop and back to Sinatra, Van Morrison and Chuck Berry.  Its an endless list, only scratching the surface, for every discovery, that artist has an influence that reveals more songs and a history to explore.

Defining moments occur at a very early age, when you’re unable to find the words to describe the hooks and melodies to anyone who may choose (or not) to listen.  The influence of a ‘sound’ with producers such as George Martin, Phil Spector or Mutt Lange with AC DC, Def Leppard, Shania Twain, The Corrs and Muse.  Record Labels like SUN, CHESS, Virgin, SUB POP or Def Jams’ importance in fostering new songs and artists.. Debating over the writing-production teams responsible for top 40 hits, such as Lennon & McCartney, Leiber and Stoller, Burt Bacharach and Hal David, Chinn-Chapman, Vanda & Young, or Stock, Aitken and Waterman just to name a few.  This is when you know you care more than most about the beauty of a great song.

Lostsong Records

2016 Has Been a Great Year for Chris and Sean and

-Securing THREE songs from the New Release Album in the Top Ten Nominations in ROCK for The Australian ‘Songcomp’

ALSO Securing Another THREE MORE in the Top Ten Other Categories for different Genres , for COUNTRY from the Nashville Sessions , BALLAD and SPIRITUAL
Top 30 Nomination in the INTERNATIONAL SONGWRITING COMPETITION for ‘BIG SOUND’ off the New Album

Included here are songs we have written , produced and/or recorded, featuring some outstanding artists we have collaborated with over different genres.

The Lostsong Nashville Sessions are songs written and produced by Chris Mustica and Sean Bowen  and feature talented singers and musicians listed from our recordings in Nashville.

  trials nashville Sessions reduced

Together We Belong (Christmas Eve)

Recorded at Nashville at Beaird Music Group Studios featuring Matt Dame on vocals. Also Featuring -Larry Beaird, Jerry Roe, Kevin Grant, Kelly Black, Howard Duck and Scotty Sanders Mix by Rob Lane

Hand Made Silk Dress (bridal waltz)

Lostsong’s Nashville project.  Classic styled waltz, a new generation ‘father/daughter’ dance track. Featuring Ron Wallace on Vocals With Larry Beaird, Eli Beaird, Steve Brewster, Troy Lancaster, Howard Duck and Mike Johnson.

She’s my Girl (Cadillac ’59)

A love song with a twist. Two men fight over the one girl, or do they?  Part of Lostsong’s Nashville project. Vocals featuring Sean Mcgraw, Troy Johnson and Tania Hancheroff with Larry Beaird, ,Eli Beaird, Eddie Bayers, Rob Mcnelley, Jeffrey Roach and Dan Dugmore

I Know You Like It

  Lostsong’s Nashville project, featuring Matt Dame on vocals, Larry Beaird, Jerry Roe, Kevin Grantt, Kelly Back, Howard Duck and Scotty Sanders mix by Rob Lane