Lostsong Project’s Debut Album Release – Tracks listed below are available on CD & Limited Edition Vinyl from this website.  Single tracks or album download  from iTunes and over 70 digital stores worldwide.

As Teenagers both playing in bands in country Victoria, Chris and Sean had a passion for music. Meeting and forming a band together ‘gave us the opportunity to perform original music with regular gigs’. After success locally, and two EP’s, priorities changed to family and business. Over the years Chris and Sean have remained good mates, and it was inevitable that one day the music would be revisited.


“Though they are unveiling a brand new project, you wouldn’t consider longtime friends Chris Mustica and Sean Bowen to be rookies on the music scene. Writing songs together since their formative years, the duo now find themselves teaming up under the moniker Lostsong Project. It’s clear that these talented two have the skills and experience necessary to create a must-hear album, so it was with that momentum that they released LSP earlier this year. Exploiting a blend of throwback-with-today, the album takes off with the aptly titled, “Big Sound.” Creating a captivating experience, LSP expertly weaves classic stylings together, and proves the duo’s masterful musicianship inside of their genre- bending brand of rock-and-country smash with powerful ballads. The John Lennon’esque piano/ symphonic epic “Before The Sun”  paints a beautiful image of God’s everlasting pursuit of our hearts, making it our favorite track.
“After garnering multiple nominations at The Australian Songcomp and ranking among the top artists featured at this year’s International Songwriting Competition, Lostsong Project clearly have a successful launching pad for making much more memorable music to come. “
– CCM Magazine staff

The debut, self titled album was recorded in the ‘Lost- after Hours‘ over a two year period
and is available on itunes, Limited Edition Vinyl and CD format.

These songs were tracked in our own studios, then remixed and tweaked at both ‘The Grove Studios’ (Silverchair/Eskimo Joe/INXS) in Gosford, and ‘The Base’ (Seth Sentry/Bliss n Esso) in South Melbourne, before being mastered by Jack the Bear (Melbourne) and Leon Zervos (Studio301) Sydney.

NASHVILLE– In The last twelve months Chris & Sean spent time in Nashville writing and recording for the ‘Lostsong Nashville Sessions’ side project due to be released in 2017

2016 Has Been a Great Year for Chris and Sean
– Lostsong Productions started up and has produced music videos, advertisments and completed production on a short film for an independent film festival.
– Securing THREE songs from the New Release Album ‘LSP’ in the FINAL Top Ten Nominees in ROCK for ‘The Australian Songcomp’ -‘Ready Fire Aim’,  ‘Last Kiss Goodbye’ and ‘Big Sound’
– THREE songs  in the FINAL Top Ten Nominees for other songwriting genres from the Lostsong Nashville Sessions, COUNTRY –‘Together We Belong’ BALLAD Runner Up –‘I Know You Like It’ and SPIRITUAL- ‘Before The Sun’ .
– Top 30 Nomination in the INTERNATIONAL SONGWRITING COMPETITION (Rock) for ‘BIG SOUND’ off the new album and  I Know You Like It (Country) from the Nashville Sessions
–  The ‘Australian Independent Music Awards‘ with SIX Nominations , Three from the Debut Album LSP – ‘Ready Fire Aim’ (Rock) ‘Last Kiss Goodbye’ ( Rock) ‘Get Back time’ (Acoustic) and also Three songs from the ‘Nashville Sessions’  in  Country music as a side project – ‘ I Know You Like It’ , ‘Together We Belong’ and ‘Hand Made Silk Dress’

-Australian Songwriting Association ,  Runner Up -‘Get Back Time’ ( Acoustic/Folk) and ‘Before The Sun’ (Spiritual) Finalist, as well as for The Nashville Sessions – Finalist for ‘I know You Like it’ (Country), ‘I Know You Like It’ (Ballad) 

GREAT AMERICAN SONG CONTEST- Finalist “Jane Austen Could Never Write”  (A/C) and “Hand Made Silk Dress” (Country)

Australian Songwriting Association – Nominee for the Rudy Bransma Award for Songwriting Excellence – Chris Mustica

We thank you for checking out the tunes,
Kind Regards


Tomorrow Today (available on iTunes)

Classic intro riff ushers in moody melodies and chunky hooks. Taken from the self titled debut album LSP

Under the Milky Way -Extended Deluxe Mix (available on iTunes)

Under The Milky Way is the first single released from the upcoming self titled album LSP (Lostsong Project). For lovers of physical merchandise and vinyl, Pre-order the album at and download the full 7 minute Extended Deluxe version on iTunes.  A reinterpretation of the timeless classic with a layered film-esque soundscape. Taken from the self titled […]

Last Kiss Goodbye (available on iTunes)

  Rock-Pop-Ultra with a Big chorus.   think U2 crossed with Foo Fighters.  Everybody knows someone like the lyrical subject in this song.. Taken from the self titled debut album LSP     

BIG SOUND – (available on iTunes)

Catchy Chorus and Big Drums..  A ‘summer classic’ feel with a live orchestra added to the Thick Guitar Slab.  Sing along! Taken from the self titled debut album LSP         

Get Back Time (available on iTunes)

Organic, acoustic backed song with personal lyric intent, highlighted in a sweet chorus.  Everybody needs more time. Taken from the self titled debut album LSP                           

Let It All Begin (available on iTunes)

Electro Rock Pop.  Chorus that drives along, with the windows down. Taken from the self titled debut album LSP

Ready Fire Aim – (available on iTunes)

Rock song with Big Guitars and lots of Riffs , Inspired by ‘The’ Dave with an Angus Young thunderstruck style riff across a chunky chorus, closing with a Jimmy Page style ending. Taken from the self titled debut album LSP

Before The Sun – (available on itunes)

Epic Sweeping Rock Ballad with a ‘Hey Jude’ chorus that will get in your head and won’t go away. Taken from the self titled debut album LSP           

Roll On Roll On (available on iTunes)

Electric Rocker with classic chorus singalong , Beatles-Oasis vibe with a breakdown twist that is pure LSP. Taken from the self titled debut album LSP

Jane Austen Could Never Write – (available on iTunes)

Pop Rock Romance with an alluring mix of melodies and hooks that you can listen to again and again -Hit Repeat. Taken from the self titled debut album LSP